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05 April 2015 @ 15:42

Drop a comment if you add me (and feel free to do so if we have any interests in common), perhaps introduce yourself. Comments are screened.

Comments are not screened on my other entries as of 06.2011

Expect a lot of photos, text mostly in english.

!warning: I dabble in taxidermy and do not hesitate to post graphic photos. Although the entries are separate, all the pictures are under a cut and I put a warning there, if it still disturbs you I suggest you shouldn't add this account.
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05 January 2013 @ 00:28
Yet again it's been longer than I promised it would. I always say this. But this time I bring pictures.
On the 26th of January I went to Tukums to celebrate christmas + NYE (as far as "celebration" goes, it was just a reason to drink). There's a shittonne of pictures. I visited two of my friends - Ieva and Jānis (klepus), but only have pictures of the latter visit.
Many bottles were emptied, many games of ligretto and poker played, many joints rolled and mgs snorted, laughs and tears had. Eventful. I stayed there until the 3rd.

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